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Someone shared with me a link for a new app which hosts stories in Tamil. They were trying to get more users to publish their books on it and also getting more readers so upon finding out, the friend said I might want to put my writing there and get some money too. That started the question of whether my writing is good enough to be monetised and even if it was, it feels uncomfortable to do so.

(Read my tamil ebook for free on google play )

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I’m so grateful you are reading my random thoughts. I’d be elated if it resonated with you or stimulated some discussion or reflection. Did you just send me a screenshot of a paragraph from this website? You made my day! Maybe it’s YouTube or maybe it’s Instagram but everyone seems to curate a personal branding. You are more than a brand. I am more than guardianofthemoon or stethXhenna even though both have parts of me in them. You are deeper than your online persona, you are hypocritical, you have multiple opinions and feelings about one issue. You don’t have to say everything out loud or in front of social media. You can feel on your own without proclaiming it to the world. Nothing wrong if you want to shout it out from 5 different accounts but it’s ok to enjoy it on your own and offline.

Not everything needs to be monetised. Passive income is cruel for it is only available if you’ve extra money to invest and it worsens inequality(how you gonna buy a second house or stocks if you hav just enough to eat?) Also, I’m slightly stupid and lazy to generate a second income source and even if I did I would never touch my writing. My writing is my baby and my identity. It’s the only thing I’m good at! I can’t draw or sing or do anything else. I bleed in words, my friend.

I write in anger in English, angry at patriarchy, at men, at God, at myself. I whisper in Tamil, of poetry, of beauty and I make you see yourself in my fictional couples.

This page and domain costed me SGD $20 for a year. I got this cheap rate from a discount code. If you know some tricks to continue this $20, pls let me know. If you can spruce up this site, let me know too. This website will never be monetised.


  • you can move your blog to static site generator based cms then host them on netlify or GitHub pages for free and pay for the domain only.
    static site generator cms are not user friendly like WordPress i believe netlify offers a decent cms to publish posts.

    for passive income you can publish your stories as kindle books on amazon.

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