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What I learnt from making a podcast

Yes, I started a podcast. I know everyone seems to have one and yes, it is easy, well parts of it are. Here are 7 things I learnt from starting my podcast and in case you’re thinking about starting your own, listen to the person who got bitten by the podcast bug.

For context, my podcast, Kathaippoma?, is a Tamil podcast aimed at amateur online writers who write stories in Tamil. It appeals to a niche community but that’s what a podcast is for, to hear people speak on the things that interest you but not your friends. No, I don’t talk for 30mins in each episode. I feature a new writer each week and they speak for 90% of the time. It had a good run and I’m considering if I should start season 2. Listen on Spotify or YouTube(it’s in the sidebar, look right)

7 things I learnt:

  1. Starting a podcast is easy. Google search and start your journey! I used, one of the most popular and easiest ways to make a podcast.
  2. Sustaining it is difficult. You run out of topics very fast if you’re the only one doing it. From contacting guests, coming up with interview questions, recording, editing, advertising I did it all on my own, a one-woman show:'( It was difficult to not have anyone to bounce ideas with. My mental energy was drained.
  3. Yes, you can interview guests from countries so far away and not worry too much about audio quality. Most people have a decent pair of earphones and a zoom audio call suffices.
  4. Don’t depend on Spotify only to propagate your podcast. YouTube, especially in developing countries(hint, India, Indonesia), is very powerful.
  5. But make sure your own microphone is good. We can’t have the host sounding fuzzy. Maanam pocchu(embarrassing) for my first episode and I got myself a proper(but still cheap) microphone asap.
  6. Your guests are more excited than you when it comes to the podcast! They’re so excited at having their voices recorded, at giving an interview and for many it was their first experience. I started a podcast to give the joy of voice to writers who have only shown themselves through words. So, treat your guests kindly and feed off their enthusiasm. You need it.
  7. Have fun! You’ll never know who you meet, what comes out of a podcast unless you give it a go.

That’s all folks!


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